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CampWiki is a community online resource, like Wikipedia, but with focus on the wild outdoors. Even though it is called "CampWiki," the subject matter here is intended to cover anything from information on great campsites to visit, to survive and live well in a cabin in the middle of the woods with little contact with the civilized world (of course, you could always have a satellite Internet connection to let you read CampWiki :-D).

A wiki, unlike a static web page or a book, allows anyone to add new pages and content, and to correct or improve on other people's contributions to the site. I'm sure you've read books that have had great information in them before, but had a few small errors here and there (the worst would be those in a book on edible plants that fails to mention poisonous look-alikes). In a wiki, you can log in, and make the changes yourself and they'll appear right away! Even though somebody has made a change to a document on the wiki, you can always go back and view previous versions. It is generally preferred that you note corrections by clicking on the "discussion" tab above every page.

This is one of many informational resources envisioned by Douglas Moyes. In fact, in the mid 1990's he built InfoSys, an information system designed to be a huge information resource, which, basically would have been like Wikipedia. The InfoSys system used groff for text formatting, and was intended for use on a text based BBS system (a year later BBS systems died as the Internet became more popular). This website uses the same software used by Wikipedia, and many other corporate wikis. So, if you're familiar with them, adding pages to this site will be a snap-- just follow our conventions when creating and naming pages to make it easier for people to find information on this site.

You will see ads on this site. They are mainly here to help pay for the cost of maintaining the network and equipment hosting this site... Though, a secondary reason they are here is that the creator was experiencing a period of unemployment, so inclusion of ads gave him an excuse to create the site, and help ease his frazzled nerves ;-). It's funny how the more complicated life gets, the more you long to leave it all behind.

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