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While monetary donations are greatly appreciated, one of the best ways to donate is to add to the content of CampWiki. Knowledge of camping gear, great trails, fun activities to do with family or your youth group while in the outdoors, plants and animal identification, and how to survive in the woods-- even historical information on landmarks is appreciated here. So man your keyboard, and have a blast sharing your knowledge with the world.

When adding or correcting content found on this site, please follow the conventions to keep the site consistent and make it easier for people to find information here. If you see that a page failed to follow these conventions, by all means correct it!

Thank you for using this site, and we all hope you have a great and safe time in the outdoors.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to this site to help keep it running and to upgrade our server(s)/bandwidth (or to allow for people to begin full time development of this site), then you may do so via paypal:

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