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Currently development work is being focused on our other Wiki site:, but we we have plans to add more pages to this site as summer is approaching. We can always use help in developing our campground index. You can either add the information yourself to the database (pretty pretty please!), or you can send us a note at:

We will be making other changes to the skins in the near future, some of the changes will make the site load faster. We may also make the default skin rotate the background image for the seasons :-)

Due to a bot that hit, we will require that users have an account in order to make changes to this site. The bot hit with over 50,000 hits, many of them were page edit requests. I'm just glad I disabled the anonymous edits two months prior when reCAPCHA started having issues-- had anonymous edits remained active, would have been filled with who knows what (probably ads for... well, just look at your spam folder sometime).


Notice something different? Like this page now displays correctly in IE 7.0? Our mistake. There were two issues, one in which IE 7.0 incorrectly processes comments in CSS files. That's Microsoft for ya. (The other issue was not updating the IE70Fixes.css file to reflect changes to main.css).


Anonymous edits have been disabled until a CAPCHA is working again on this site. We suspect it is due to a major software upgrade (unfortunately, we're currently using a web hosting service, so we don't have root access to make any changes to the server). You can still make changes, but you'll have to create an account to do so. We are looking at other Capcha solutions, but we consider this a low priority at the moment.

(6/1/08 note: Anonymous edits will never be enabled again due to a bot attack on another wiki site).

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