Remember: always follow the Leave No Trace principles when out in the wild.

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CampWiki is your online source for information on the great outdoors! This site is community driven, so feel free to make changes and add to the knowledge stored here-- so long as you follow the site conventions used here.

We've blocked editing and page creation by new users due to spam. If you want to add or edit pages, you'll have to ask permission to do it. It is unfortunate we have to do this, but such is the nature of the Internet these days. For information on how to create and edit pages, refer to site conventions and help pages.

Have fun, and thank you for visiting. All of us (which could be you too) that helped to build this site hope you'll have a great, and safe, time in the wild outdoors!

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There's also a category just for campfire activities!

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View the Help Pages for information on using wiki software, and how to add your own pages to CampWiki!

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